Last month I visited Austria for the first time and I absolutely loved it! My last "Steller" showed off Vienna & Innsbruck and now I'll be showcasing Sölden. It was a whirlwind trip that included a famous European spa, my own personal snow-cat tour, glaciers and white water rafting at Area 47! Enjoy!

Aqua Dome

The Aqua Dome hotel & spa is actually in Längenfeld and it was my first stop after leaving Innsbruck. There are two complete floor of the spa that are NUDE only! 😳😳 Well, when in Austria do as the Austrians do...

This was the floating room, a great place to relax after a mineral scrub and cold shower.

This was the pool attached to the nude sauna area. There are lots of places to explore in your swimmers but in the designated nude areas you need to take it all off! 😜😜

My favorite relaxation area. The spa had so many little nooks and crannies to explore.

The view from spa 3000, I love the triangular windows!

The next day I was hosted to the famous glaciers of Sölden, Rettenbach & Tiefenbach! Don't worry, I can't pronounce them either! Although the lift operates in summer I opted for a personal snow-cat tour!

Area 47

On my last day I got to play at Area 47! I actually got so into it I barely took my camera out! Consider Area 47 a giant playground for adults and it's open all summer in Sölden. I went white water rafting too! So good!

Austria was the gift that kept on giving! From the architecture and gardens of Vienna to the mountains of Innsbruck and glaciers of Sölden I saw so much! Next time it'll be skiing, I want to see some snow on those babies. 🎿🎿🎿


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