Before I Depart

One More Still Life

I was supposed to be packing to leave early the next morning. I had the best intentions to stay on task with that job. But suddenly I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the flowers in our urban Minneapolis alley and decided I had to create one more floral still life before I departed.

I rationalized that these flowers needed to be documented in this moment of my life because they would never look like this again. Packing would have to wait.

My preparations began with assembling my fabrics, clips, scissors, vase, camera, tripod, reflector and clothes pins.

I've adapted my front porch into my photo studio. The challenge is controlling the intense west facing light in the late afternoon.

I have discovered that my favorite light diffuser is my wedding veil.

I grabbed my digital SLR and went out to the alley to collect the flowers.

After collecting the flowers I pulled several infinity scarves with perfect complimentary colors to hug the base of the white vase I had chosen.

Next was my trusted tripod. I've learned to always use a tripod so the images are super sharp and, if I use the camera's timer, my hands are free to hold a reflector.

Now comes the 30-40 minutes of playing with the color and intensity of the light to create the desired still life portrait.

And then, just for an added special effect I often adjust the light even more to create a soft focus look that I may use later in a greeting card with an appropriate soft message to the recipient.

So that is the story of how I made this still life portrait. Remember I was going out of town? Well, I did depart as planned. I left the bouquet on the table so my cat sitter could enjoy it and soon she'll receive a Thank You card with this portrait on it. She'll love it!

Thank you for reading my story. More emotions, videos and pictures to come. Still images on Instagram @wendywalks #florals #flowers#garden #still_life #stellerstories #stellermoments #stellerlight #steller

  • Rennsport169

    NICE! Very good documentation too! I didn't know you could view STELLER stuff on the computer. I thought it was only on iphones.

  • triv

    Great work! I liked your detailed description. So much to learn! 👍 😊👏👏