Tales of winter.


We watched the sun set on a winter's scene.

And drove home on a road that was barely seen.

We watched the skies change from deep purples to blue.

From the jeep though.. Wouldn't you?

We stood at the entrance of curvey blue caves.

And then got an urge to explore them in many ways.

We hiked out till then sun was low.

Just to encounter even more snow.

We then gazed at raging sea's.

And watched them steal all of these.

We saw ice that covered beaches for miles.

Then came across some local Icelandic hairstyle's.

We walked, looking down on glacial lakes.

Only to end up with many cold aches.

Then we saw this spot and couldn't help ourselves..

So we set up the tent and that's all the story tells.

From a week of exploring through Iceland's breathtaking winter months with two great freinds @christianmcld and @Andy_Best and the @HEIMPLANET.

Thank you for joining me through an adventure I won't forget. For more, please feel free to follow me on here @tobybutlerphoto. Or if you find yourself on Instagram or Google+ then hit me up. Otherwise head over to my website. Thanks again! #travel #adventure #iceland #explore #campvibes #glaciers #camping #outdoor #earth #nature #diving #hiking #action #stelleradventure #roadtrip #stellerroadtrip #thesimplelife #stellermoments

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