"Sometimes you must be broken to find out whats really inside."


I rarely share such an in depth story about a particular person but I thought you all might enjoy this, and understand why.

You hit points in your life where everything seems entirely right or incredibly wrong, and once the latter is realized it usually leads to something very beautiful. This is a celebration of someone no less than extraordinary.

Barry.Mottershead He has made something beautiful.

He has created something that has helped people, and shown people the amazing world around them, which is often otherwise clouded by modern distractions

A man who has travelled the world, experienced its many cultures and shared his stories with everyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with him. Basing himself in the ocean since he was young cemented his love for water. So much so he started Sligo Kayak Tours.

Bringing people to amazing places in a simple but unique way.

A surfboard was the first ocean craft on which he began to paddle.

Now he enjoys the ocean and the inland waterways through various means. Surfing, bodysurfing, standup paddling and most importantly kayaking.

One thing about Barry is that he can always make you smile. And it's because of his balance, his cultured mind, and his wonderfully positive personality.

I don't share this story to boost an ego of a friend, because there is no ego to boost. I share this because Barry is a prime example of following your dreams, following your hearts desires and making them a reality.

I hope this has inspired you to go follow your dreams and make some people smile. At least a little bit. 😊

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Also check out Barry's Instagram below! @SligoKayakTours Thanks again!

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