It was a lovely day for a weekend trip to see grandpa and grandma over on Eliza island in Northwest Washington state. We wait patiently at the docks for grandpa to come and pick us up.

Once we are on our way, the chores & strife of every day life seem to melt away the further we get from shore.

"To young men contemplating a voyage I'd say GO."


After a fairly short boat ride, we are ready to disembark and head to the cabin. Eliza island is private. This means each homeowner on the island must get there by either private personal boat or aircraft (a small airstrip exists on the island itself). You cannot be on the island without express permission from one of the homeowners. To top it off, there is limited water & no power or sewer. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island.

Some homes are simply tiny shed-like cabins, & others are no more than a camp sight. Still others are built as full time residential structures. Homeowners install septic systems, generators & solar panels according to their own needs. An owners association sees to it that plans are approved properly. A full-time caretaker position also exists in assisting the homeowners.

Our favorite thing to do is walk down to the beaches and see what sort of crustacean or shellfish is in season and ripe for the picking....

Today we are digging for Butter clams and Horshoe clams. Sometimes you can even find the infamous geoducks!!

I know it's hard to believe, we actually do eat these! Trust me when I tell you after all the cleaning is done... it's amazing what a little bit of butter, salt & panko or breadcrumbs can do for clams! We also find lots of things we don't eat...

From time to time we will even dig up cockles for the next days fish bait. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can utilize the kelp beds for your existence.

Sometimes we even perform rescue missions for marooned fish!

I've always thought that sea kelp reminds me of salad. In days gone by, many of the local Native Americans would've used this kelp for anything from medicine to food.

We always giggle a little bit because our feet end up looking like this after walking through the tidepools:

They don't actually look like that, but it is pretty close! What you really need to watch out for when walking through the tidepools are these little guys:

No one likes getting their toes pinched by a Dungeness crab! Sadly it wasn't crabbing season while we were out, but it's coming soon and we can't wait! If you've never had Dungeness crab you are completely missing out! It is bar none the best tasting crab in the world!

Another thing the Pacific Northwest is known for is their oysters. I'm not particularly fond of oysters, I like mussels myself... but apparently we grow the best oysters in the world!

Well, as the tide trickles back in we head to shore to fry up our clams and get cozy in the cabin for the night. Every day in the Pacific Northwest is a pleasure, but today has been particularly beautiful.

Happily this is just the beginning of our time spent on Eliza island. There will be more days filled with sunshine, family & laughter. There are many treasures to discover in the San Juan Islands here in Northwest Washington state. If you ever get the chance you should venture out and see how much fun it is to live off grid in such a beautiful part of the country. #steller #stellersummer #stellergetaway #pacificnorthwest #goexplore #sanjuanislands #washingtonstate #seashore

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  • hsthompson

    Wow! Trisha this is so fascinating! I've never been to the Pacific Northwest and being landlocked I've never seen such fascinating creatures! Thanks for the in detail pics, videos and explanations! What a great story

  • mombo

    missing the northwest.

  • trishabrink

    @hsthompson thank-you sweet friend!! If you EVER come to the Seattle/Vancouver area PLEASE let me know! I'll give you the tour of a lifetime 💗 until then, I'll keep posting photos & videos for you to enjoy 😊

  • trishabrink

    @mombo I can't imagine living away for too long...I love coming home from vacations 😊 I'll keep posting so you can live vicariously 😉

  • preFABsd

    Extraordinary and makes me long to go there soon!

  • cairofoster

    Whoa!!!! This is AMAZING 💪 ruling it @trishabrink --> peep this story @tbyrnes

  • tessaspee

    Woah this is amazing!

  • BrunoSan

    Amazing story, but p21 was my fav - thanks for sharing 😁👍🏼

  • trishabrink

    @preFABsd thank-you! I think you'd love it here!

  • trishabrink

    @cairofoster thanks so much! Appreciate it :)

  • trishabrink

    @tessaspee thanks so much! :)

  • trishabrink

    @BrunoSantana thanks...& 21 was my favorite too!! :)

  • VanKirk_Venture

    Love this!

  • J9nkidz

    Coolest place rver


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