On my way to Sanoviv Rosarita Beach, Mexico

The Retreat

5:45 am

July 21st 2015 Summer Solctice 1st day of detox retreat for mind body and spirit...

Comfy bed...

but insomnia per usual...

So gray... not a preference but ideal for being reflective and in an internal space..

No computers, tv, phones,... technology detox too.. (just my iphone for pics)... Between appts and treatments, Zen time - wave watching...

Day 4 Still cloudy but enjoying the warm breezes.

The Spa treatments soothing, relaxing

Thalasotherapy treatment pools.... 😉


La Luna... Woke me up... again...

Post swim....

5:45 am


overcast but warm... fresh air sea breezes....


All the treatments and therapy's to detox have slowed me way down. Lots of heavy metals and other poisons from chemo , radiation and all the rest from a lifetime of accumulated toxins have been pushed into my blood stream... ready to be flushed out 😏


View from my balconey

Infinity pool at dusk ....

Last morning..., Calm, rested, relaxed, ready to get back to my regulary scheduled LIFE!

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  • MalkaMichelson

    Love this photo. And thank you sooooo much! Because of your Instagram post I found Steller. xx

  • MalkaMichelson

    Love the ocean and rainbow photos.


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