A collection of artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. On this 4th of July weekend let's stroll back and take a walk down memory lane, remembering what has made America great throughout the years.

Statue of Liberty

Dedicated in 1886

U.S. Recruitment Poster, Circa 1917

U.S. Marines raising Flag over Iwo Jima, circa 1945.



World War II pin-up girls

Hollywood, California: Where the brightest stars shine.

Mickey Mouse, circa 1928.


Beginning in 1925 this comical trio made us laugh with their stunts and slapstick humor.

Betty Boop

An animated caricature of America's Jazz Age, circa 1930s.

James Dean

Marilyn Monroe

"The Greatest," Muhammad Ali.

Since its release, Michael Jackson's 1982 album "Thriller" has sold an approximate 50 million copies worldwide.

FDNY raising Flag over the World Trade Center Buildings, September 11, 2001.

Classic Americana

What would you add to this list?

  • genem

    I would add our national parks,and of course The Alamo ! Thanks had a great time !!

  • star6240

    @genem Your rite! You just reminded me I was originally going to put Mount Rushmore in this. I totally forgot.