Give Me These Moments Back

In the moment of solitary with a captive audience of empty fields, she wanders, she feels...

She clutches at the memories with all of her strength, as she stares on and on...

Her mind losing all barriers, soon all eyes will see what's left of it. She cannot bring herself to bring love back into the warmth of the sun.

The pain still lingers in the coldest part of her heart.

In the mist of beauty hides the ugliness of broken weary hearts.

And the loneliness surrounding her every limb.

"I should be crying but I just can't let it go.I should be hoping but I can't stop thinking of the things that we should have said but never said. All the things that we should have done but we never did. All the things that you wanted for me, all the the things that you needed from me..."

Kate Bush

For Kate

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  • MrsAnson

    Nice story and love the polka dot skirt ❤️

  • KodakmomentNina

    So romantic! Love it! 💚

  • burnningbridges

    @zed4zorro Thank you so much, Zexa! And you can certainly get your hands on that skirt at a place called "Shabby Apple" on line! Well worth the purchase my dear!

  • burnningbridges

    @KodakmomentNina Coming from you, Nina, I am certainly grateful for your wonderful comments! Thank you so much my dear!🌹


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