"Don't ever order Pancakes or Crêpes, if you are craving for the real Austrian dish: PALATSCHINKEN



3 eggs 125ml milk 60g flour Fleur de Sel butter for pan 6 spoons Apricot Jam Confectioners' sugar

Enough for 6 thin Palatschinken for 2-3 servings Whisk eggs with milk, salt and flour. I like spelt flour, or a 50/50 mix of wheat/spelt. Beat until you find no flour crumbs anymore in the batter. And now go and do something else for at least 20 minutes. Maybe you want to prepare some fresh fruit as side dish.

Mise en place. Get fruits and jam ready before you start baking.

Preheat a nonstick pan.

Coat the pan with a slice of butter and pour the batter slowly in the pan.

Once the bottom side turns into a golden kind of shade, flip it with a spatula and bake for another minute, maybe less.

Spread apricot jam or any other jam to your liking and roll the Palatschinke carefully. optional: dust with confectioners' sugar

Now that your first Palatschinke turned out so well. Give the next one a try and practice, practice until the batter is finished.



Wachauer Marille

The classic Austrian jam is the one made from Apricots from the #Wachau area. The Viennese Company Staud's makes probably the most famous one. This sure makes a nice holiday-souvenir. You will find it in every supermarket.

Side note

As this is an old Austrian dessert classic recipe, dating back to the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, I chose a Herend plate. I have a thing for hand painted vintage plates, but I promise, every other will do too!

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    @karisoerja happy that you like the recipe! Thanks and enjoy your Austrian dessert