Suruluna Rescue

Valen Kester

In Pine Bush NY, there is a small Pit Bull Rescue called Suruluna. The owner of the rescue works it by herself and she currently has 15 dogs. I volunteered to help take photos of the dogs for her, and we are hoping this exposure will get them adopted faster ❤️






All of these babies are available at Suruluna Animal Rescue in Pine Bush NY. They are all great with dogs/cats/kids and adults. The owner also makes sure to prepare these dogs for a house life by letting them be part of her own home. They are highly adoptable and simply amazing.

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  • marij56


  • CapeTownDiva

    Such beautiful faces - I pray each find an amazing forever home

  • cherylkerr58

    Hoping this beautiful photo essay will bring a living home to each. I adopted a dog from a rescue and couldn't be more pleased. Our 'Bo' is a wonderful and vital part of our family. I want these pups to find the same.

  • Hillary123

    They are so adorable! They should get adopted right away

  • kaijaglobe

    Thank you for bringing attention to these beauties. I hope they all find loving forever homes soon. Rescuing a dog is the greatest gift for all involved.


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