This past friday: I was in front of my computer trying to figure out one thing or another related to website coding when my phone rang. I checked it and was surprised to see that its a twitter notification (i usually have that off) about two random people tweeting about a bombing in Kuwait. I sincerely thought it was a rumour. I know we're in the mid east, but Kuwait is one of those super peaceful places. When I investigated further I discover its true. ISIS has bombed a shiite mosque dontown..

To be honest, for a split second, I was sure this was going to start up sectarian hate. Which would've been a shame because Kuwait's society is plural and different sects and religions have been inter marrying and coexisting for at least the past 300 years. Boy was I proven wrong.. Thank God.

They (ISIS) claim that they are fighting in the name of Islam & the Koran's teachings.. Yet they find it ok, honorable in fact to detonate themselves inside a mosque, during friday prayers, in Ramadan the month of charity & fasting and goodwill. Would a good Chrisitian, Jew, Muslim leave their holy book in the rubble like that?

Within 30 to 45 minutes after that bomb detonated. HH the Emir arrives at the scene ignoring his security's pleas to not go as it could be dangerous.

HH grieving as a policeman gives him the number of casualties. When asked what made him go there so fast, he said "those victims are Kuwaiti, they are my children.

At first, everyone was in shock. Then a roaring reply to ISIS in the media including social media. From the toughest conservatives of both sects to the secular liberals: WE STAND AS ONE. The coming photos & videos are the most beautiful I've seen. Have a look, they'll speak forthemselves.

This is a campaign launched by the Ministry of Youth Affairs

Shiite & Sunni muslims praying in sync for the victims of the bombing. You can only tell from the hand position which is which. Sunnis pray with hands raised and shiites pray with hands lowered.

Kuwaiti legends. Actresses Suad Abdullah & Hayat AlFahad at the funeral.

Christian Kuwaitis held a special prayer for the Muslim victims of the attack.

"If anyone asks u whether you are sunni or shiite? Tell him I'm Kuwaiti and I have a place in every place of worship" PSA by Gulf Bank

Two important and well respected men of religion from both sects take the responsibilty to send a message to ISIS by shaking hands on live TV during the halftime of a soccer match.

Although I am still mad, sad and stunned that such an evil thing would happen to my country. The silver lining was seeing my whole nation, kuwaitis, expats, young, old, men and women rushing to solidify their stance. Donating blood or setting examples for the young ones. They gave the terrorists a slap in the face. A message that try as much as u want.. We will not turn against eachother. I've never felt so sad and so lucky at the same time.

Peace be upon everyone. Thank you :) Aziz

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  • Essexrambler

    Despite this horrific cowardly attack , this story is very uplifting. It shows that's any race of people or religion can rise up against turmoil and such blatant disregard for human life and turn it into a positive expression. Isis's aim as you so correctly state is too split communities and cause segregation amongst neighbouring religions and races, Kuwait is a great example too us all on how we should overcome these turbulent times, my thoughts and prays go out to the victims families.

  • athra

    As a khaleeji as well, the bombing was really shocking to happen in one of the most peacfull countries of the gulf, the reaction starting from HH stepping into the bombing scene was very touching الله يحفظ الكويت و أهلها و خليجنا واحد 💖

  • sincerelysandra

    Thank you for sharing this. The story you put together is absolutely stunning. With love from the U.S.

  • shootmickshoot

    Awesome and thanks. So good to see some positivity when there is so much bad news and hate around. Stories like these give people hope

  • MaryGrace

    Thanks for sharing

  • jenwirtstyling

    That was a beautiful post and response to tragedy and terrorism. Thank you for sharing it!

  • ghostedout

    I'm so glad you shared this, and that I found it.

  • mombo

    Thnx so much

  • amals_turki


  • lanceholter

    Peace unto you Azizn

  • Rebeccabdu

    Thank You @azizn . Peace, pace, Salaam, Shalom 🙏


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