A walk around Bath

While on our recent visit to the Cotswolds we made a trip to Bath. Bath has been on my must-see list for a while. The city is known for its Georgian architecture - not least the famous Royal Crescent - and coming from Edinburgh, also a city renowned for its fine Georgian architecture, I was keen to see Bath's handsome buildings in the flesh.

Royal Crescent

You know when you wish there were no cars (and vans) spoiling a shot...

Royal Crescent

In terms of the façade, little has changed on Royal Crescent since it was built between 1767 and 1774. The landmark Georgian crescent was designed by architect John Wood.

Before you ask, the horses and carriage were for tourists. And no, we didn't take a tour. I was too busy photographing all of this... I loved the patina of the stone and its gentle golden hue.

Here's the thing about visiting a city with your canine companion - there are all these amazing places you'd like to visit that you can't go into. So instead you take photos of doors, as here at Bath Abbey.

And the exquisite marble detailing just inside the Abbey.

More sweeping crescents. We didn't have enough time to do this city justice. It was warm - too hot to walk for hours with an overheating dachshund. But we had a taster that left us wanting to return and explore more.

Just beautiful.

Richard wanted to see the Roman Baths. I sat in the square outside with Harris and listened to the street performers while Richard had a quick tour. He took some photos to show me, so I thought I'd share a few here.

Incredible, right? I love how the changing light transforms the water. As soon as I saw these photos I wished I'd gone in too, but Harris had already had enough of the bustling square outside to have to stay any longer. Next time.

Thanks for joining me for this stroll around Bath. #bath #stellerplaces #stelleruk


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