The War On Drugs

Rock City, Nottingham

When I first discovered The War On Drugs in the summer of 2014, I was instantly gripped by the melodic beauty of their third LP "Lost In The Dream". After a number of weeks listening to the digital album, I stumbled across the vinyl in a record store in Birmingham and my love of the band flourished. Sooner or later I introduced myself to their debut and sophomore albums "Wagon Wheel Blues" and "Slave Ambient" which are both very different but unique in their own way...

...I have spent many long, lonely nights listening to the wavy guitars, shoe gaze sound and the charming voice of lead vocalist Adam Granduciel so when I found out they we're doing a UK tour in early 2015, me and my girlfriend, who also loves The War On Drugs, knew instantly we would buy tickets. The countdown to the live show began.

The day had come, Sophie and I had waited for months to see our favourite band and we decided to make a bit of a day of it. When we arrived in Nottingham, we initially found Rock City and then branched off from there to find food. As the opening time approached and we stood and queued up in the cold, the excitement started to kick in. It was my first time in Rock City and I certainly hope it isn't my last, it was such a unique venue that had a very classic feeling for it. To kick off the nights, a trio from California called Amen Dunes played a very memorable handful of songs that really set the mood of the evening. I haven't recently listened to Amen Dunes and some of their most popular tracks such as Lonely Richard and Sixteen...

Amen Dunes.

...have succeeded in becoming some of my currently favourite songs. Now it was time for the main event, the boys from Philadelphia came out to Under The Pressure which was thrilling as each individual instrument being played was added one at a time to create a build up. Tracks like Red Eyes really got the crowd moving and dancing, where as other songs like Eyes to the wind left everybody watching in ore as Adam Granduciel sang incredibly, a truly very talented singer as well as guitarist and song writer. The band also played some on songs from their debut LP such as the timeless Arms Like Boulders. In the end, it was a mesmerising gig, one I am sure I will never forget, clearly a band at the peak of their musical careers and

this is emphasised in their live performances. One day I hope I get the chance to see The War On Drugs again, but until then the best I have is sitting at home spinning the LP and feeling nostalgic to that night. Ryan McMenamin

Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs.