New York. My true love. When I return home, I am welcomed with a warm hug; although, this past weekend I was embraced with 90 degree weather and humidity, but whateva! It was a packed trip, a wedding, a new music premiere, Make Music New York, a reception and seeing the sights!


Dana has a summer internship with Sloan Kettering in New York. She's an M2 at Case Western and I wanted to make sure I saw her on this trip! I made a care package delivery from her Mom!


I was honored to witness the union of my close friend Elise to her fiancé Chris on June 20th, 2015 at St. Bartholomew in New York City - it was beautiful and wonderful!

For Elise' wedding, I composed a choral piece based on the text of Ruth.

After the wedding, there was a reception at Inside the Park at St. Bart's! Singing, dancing, open bar! Elise is Irish and it was so much fun to see her dance traditional Irish folk dances!

Suz & I celebrated our TEN year friendship anniversary! It's always fun times I tell ya!

It's not a wedding reception without singing!

Yay Elise!

After an amazing, filled Saturday...brunch with Kira & Barbara at Sylvia's in Harlem!


What I love the most about NYC is the absolute freedom and fun we experience listening to music and dancing! Old, young and everyone in between! I ❤️ NY!

Make Music New York featured Batala NYC at Bryant Park, an all women percussion group! They are amazing!

Then of course, the magnificence of the buildings and structures that make New York the best city in the world!

That's all for now!

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