Bwindi's Impenetrable Forest


Among the misty mountains in south west Uganda you can find the mighty mountain gorilla. With only 900 gorillas left in the world the spieces is extremely endangered but happily they are slowely growing in number. The Silverback, the leader of the pack, can be 180 cm heigh and weigh up to 180 kg. They live in families with about 10 individuals and the gorillas are vegetarians.

The biggest threat to the gorillas is the hard harvesting of forest to create more space for growing.

The Oruzogo Family

We gather at the meeting point an early morning. Our guide takes us through the security rules and tells us about "our" gorilla family, the Oruzogo.

The Oruzoga family is one of three habituated gorilla families in Bwindi Impenetrable Nationalpark. It is a large group with over 20 members.

We start the hike in a small village crossing the fields where the children are working.

Our great guide, trekkers and carrier have told us that it is pretty certain we will meet the gorillas but you never know how far you have to hike before you reach them.

The forest is pretty dense... Zacharias, our guide, has told us that we will probably smell the gorillas before we see them so our little group of five are sniffing our way through the rainforest. But suddenly he is just sitting in front of us...

Meet Tibirikwata, the dominant silverback and head of the family.

One of the rules was that we weren't aloud to get closer to the gorillas then 7-8 meters. But this was impossible, suddenly we where surrounded of the Oruzoga family.

One hour is what you get then you have to leave the gorillas at peace again. But what an hour, talk about goose bump moment!! When Zacharias told us we had to leave I could feel the tears on my cheek. What an amazing experiance💚

Back out of the forest it was time for lunch.

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"The more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla the more you want to avoid people"

Dian Fossey

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