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Since #Expo2015 has opened in #milano last month I have seen so many pictures that when I got there I felt like in a déjà vu. And my eyes were caught up by unusual subjects...

This, for instance, is a photo installation at the Italian pavilion

This was the view when looking upwards in front of the #russia pavilion - I am the one in the middle with the #red shoes...

I was triggered by this machine in the #kazachstan pavilion. Reminded me of Wally, the animation movie my kids loved...

The #slowfood exhibition should have been at the start. But it's at the end. Don't miss it though... It reminds you what #expo2015 was all about (it's easy to forget it, frankly).

I couldn't figure out why I loved this,,, kitschness and beauty are often so close. #fabbricadelduomo

The Children Garden is wonderful. Packed up with experiences to make (and not too many screens)...

Get under the wooden structure and smell the plants

What I loved the most though was looking at #people

Thanks to #Rubner (who developed the Children Park, the SlowFood and the Clusters pavillions) for inviting me. Visit my blog: designlarge-d.blogautore.repubblica.it

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