The Gift

By Jonathan

Every father experiences every day they are that positive male role model, our children look up to us to find support, understanding, inspiration, courage, empathy, patience, appreciation, acknowledgement, and most importantly LOVE. On this day my son gave me this gift, a simply but special brown bag. My Father's Day brown bag.

They look for TRUST.

They yearn for SUPPORT.

They want to feel APPRECIATED.

They are looking for us to be UNDERSTANDING.


But over all they want is to be LOVED.

"Inspire them for a life time of dreaming. "


Loving them will echo through eternity.

Loving them will be the easiest investment.

Loving them will empower them

Loving them will allow them....

To grow, to live, to understand...

That where there is love....

Nothing else is missing!

Being a father on Father's Day whether biological or not is the greatest gift any man can earn.

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