The Roger Keith Project is a personal project in memorial to my late father, Roger Keith Cheatham. I was just 8, and he only 38, when he died. I take his Pentax K1000 with me to every new place I go and document my experience.

It is a way for my adult self to connect with my father as I only knew him as a small child. He was incredible, and friends and family always remind me of what a great man he was. In honor of such a wonderful father, on Father's Day I present these photos from Varanasi, India taken on his Pentax K1000 (that still bares his initials.)

After this photo, I got to hold that sweet baby.


I love the women of India. They were like our mothers; feeding us, kissing us, grabbing our cheeks with laughter.


is spiritually potent...

I felt emotions on every end of the spectrum while walking along the Ganges; from grief to joy, from disgust to wonder, from frustration to peace. It is truly like no other place I've been.

My travel companion always fed the animals. We loved the animals.

My hope is to continue this project with new experiences as an ongoing memorial. My dream is to make enough photographs with his camera to fill a book. Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads, both here and gone! #therogerkeithproject #film #pentaxk1000 #stellerdad

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  • msantana2002

    Such a beautiful acknowledgment of your dad. Happy Fathers Day.

  • ninagraceless

    Courtney, what a beautiful tribute to your dad. Big hug. ❤️

  • verysarie

    Love this idea for your project- keep going! What a wonderful way to connect with your dad!

  • waltzingmeurers

    great project and beautiful photos

  • mombo


  • iris1

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad Courtney, beautiful photos of life & people in the holiest city of India and one of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi - spiritual capital of India....great story, great tribute.