Father's Day

Recently, my dad sold his house and in the midst of helping him pack we came across heaps of old photos...some that made us laugh so hard and some that made us cry. In honor of my dear ol' Dad on Father's Day here are a few of the favorites.

What a bunch of weirdos!

At the ripe old age of 50 my dad fell in love with skiing and forever changed the path of our lives. Spending every single free second on the mountain. I owe everything to this love affair.

* And this one too.

But art has always been his true passion. As a kid, I spent hours in his studio watching him bring blank canvases to life with his paint brush and transforming lumps of clay and steel into abstract masterpieces.

It's crazy the way his face morphs into my brothers... *ah genetics.

We even found proof that my dad killed that mustache and short shorts look way before it hit hipster-ville. 👨


Happy Father's Day! We ❤️You!

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  • ninagraceless

    This is amazing! Love all the old photos. Had no idea your dad is a such a talented artist. Great story, T! 👏🏼

  • ninagraceless

    #stellerdad 😊😊😊

  • tbyrnes

    @ninagraceless Thanks! I love all the old photos too...so cool to see your parents as kids!

  • karen

    Love this!! What a cool guy and so handsome!

  • Anneliesei

    LOVE This !!!!👏🏼

  • brajohn1


  • jaywilder

    Now I see where all that awesomeness comes from - Love his art -That painting looking down through the clouds is sick!

  • tbyrnes

    @jaywilder haha. Thanks, he's got skills for sure :)

  • tbyrnes

    @karen 👨😹

  • jordanfoy

    The best story !!

  • radam2


  • iloveutah

    Love the ice skating. Cool dad. 👌👍

  • tbyrnes

    @iloveutah oh yeah. Mad skating skills.

  • soggydogdesigns

    Somehow I missed this when you posted it. ❤️ in so many ways. And I want copies of like every pic! Genetics are awesome!

  • chapelandrose

    My dad has that same photo of him on a horse. He said they used to come around the neighborhood with it and take pictures. 😂

  • tbyrnes

    @chapelandrose oh my gosh, that's hilarious. I wish someone was coming around our neighborhood with that horse!


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