The Beehive Place

Brixton, London

The Beehive Place

Located at one of the back streets in Brixton, this place is where food was thoughtfully prepared using locally sourced seasonal ingredients. The team is passionate about what they do and sought far and wide for the best ingredients from the country to put the best British cooking on the menu.

'Evesham' radishes, ''Langley Farm' buttermilk, sprouting rye

'Clearance Court' pheasant's egg, 'Isle of Wight' heirloom tomatoes, hung's goat yoghurt, 'E5' sourdough, black garlic

'Isle of Man' scallops, foraged sea grass, 'Cobble Lane' bacon, black garlic

'Wooley Park Farm' guinea fowl, 'A E Brown' asparagus, Norfolkian pea shoots, lemon oil

Burnt cream, 'Sweet Eve' strawberries, 'Peelham Farm' spelt

Beautifully and deliciously created by chef Sam Hodges

Thanks for the invite by The Beehive Place. The food was fresh and in season, delicious and thoughtfully prepared. A happy stomach makes a happy heart!

All images shot and edited using IPhone 5

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