One day in October ten years ago I was told I had to go look at a dog ...a dog with the same Name as my 5 year old.

Turns out the dog was already adopted. I sighed but then as I was leaving My Eyes met....

and well... I had to bring her home...

I think you know why.

That day in October I encountered an Unforgettable Love

and then there were those P A W S

Border Collie mixed with Flat-coated Retriever such a beautiful mix I could not resist!

Intelligent Graceful Loyal

and let's not forget Noble!

It's so unfair they leave so soon ... But they do...

I imagine those P A W S are running through that Park in Heaven.

The day she left I saw a rainbow....

...and well I couldn't help but smile remembering our Hallie Rainbow's amazing Heart.

Displaced after Hurricane Katrina discovered as a stray in the month of October She came from Alabama. Shipped down from a terribly overcrowded animal shelter diagnosed with Heart Worm no one believed in her... no one but my family. We named her ... Hallie Rainbow... and together we nursed and cared for her until her Heart was well and then she gave with all her Heart an Unforgettable Love. ... EdenClare ArtfulFairyTales.com #animalkingdom

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  • zassusince1984

    Sweet story about a real friend. Probably my sunny is playing right now with your rainbow. ❀️

  • tbog72

    What a beauty.

  • marij56


  • ArtfulFairyTale

    She was Magic... Thank you friends.

  • RickHauser


  • coronadelaurel

    What a beautiful story, they give us so much more than we give them

  • ArtfulFairyTale

    Coronadelauel.. they are so wonderful ...xoxo


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