To Never Never Land

Taking Flight

My heart beats wildly at the thought of finding Peter Pan's Never Never Land. The first to make the flight will be my air-filled brave balloons.

My joining them is not possible due to my having too many dreams stuffed in my pockets that go deeper than an ocean and not enough courage in change to pay their way to that great big pie in the sky.

Still, I believe that day is only a fight a way when I may join them.

For now, I take in a deep breath and look to my air-filled friends...

One...I steady myself and them...

Two, I say goodbye...

Second star to the right, straight into morning...

J.M. Barrie

Three...they make their journey.

You're life is like a balloon...if you never let yourself go, you will never know how far you can rise."

Linda Poindexter