|The Art of Watching|

I find something magical about losing myself in the world of art. It's a journey which allows me dream that everything I imagined could be true. And this is a little collection of moments which capture that dream.

Discover the little details. Whitecube, London

Blend in. Shoreditch, London

Make a statement. Design Museum, London

Get lost in a whirlpool.

Stratford, London

Conceptualise. Mariam Goodman Gallery, London

Redefine art. Hackney, London

Visualise your dreams. The Wallace Collection, London

Camouflage yourself.

Old Royal Mail Sorting House, London

Carve out your thoughts. Mahabalipuram, India.

Become a part of art. Saatchi Gallery, London

Conjure up some history. Tate Britain, London

Paint yourself a pretty little picture.

The Wallace Collection

Thank you so very much to the very lovely people, known and unknown, who have modelled so patiently in my photos: Unknown strangers @kr1th1ka @juicylucyham @yeszebra @transientism @pmas86 @cgayathrisai @slipongravel #stellerstories #seewhatisee #neverstopexploring #artwatchers

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