And a climb up Q1 Gold Coast, Australia

A few months ago I was invited to profile some of the amazing animals that live at Dreamworld theme park. A theme park of dreams. Imagine that! On the front page is a kangaroo having a kip ('Dream' world, remember.) They literally hop around the park willy nilly and you can just pat and feed them. They're super friendly!

Whisper the wombat. Not a sleepy one, and doesn't wake the others.

We all know what this cute little guy is (and isn't)! Is: a koala. Is not: a bear.

Yeah they sleep like 18 hours a day. Living at Dreamworld: appropriate. Also they get stoned off the eucalyptus leaves they eat all day, so their dreams must be bloody amazing haha.

Baby croc! So adorable for a 50 million year old creature.

Me giving him a cuddle.

Snek! A beautiful python. Very common all over Australia.

Tiger Island. When I found out there are only a few thousand left in the wild, my heart broke. So stunning.

After Dreamworld we climbed Q1. I'd done the climb once before, but it was just as awesome the second time!

You absolutely feel on top of the world!

And when the sun sets, nature puts on a show.

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Big thanks to @visitgoldcoast, @dreamworldau, @skypoint_au for the amazing day, and Seaduction for the incredible dinner. I highly recommend checking out their accounts or at least give them a Google. Especially if you want a wombat to eat your shoelaces (her favourite food apparently).

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