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Barbican Conservatory London <Concrete Jungle> #stellermeetuk

What is a Photo? I guess if you ask any photographer they may have a different view to the next, or maybe they see beauty in the world and can't bear not to record it somehow . But despite the many explanations there is always the same underlying theme, A story. It's amazing to think that every day millions of little stories are being told and photographed ready to be gazed upon and heard. Our Host and organiser of this meet up Jordon, asked us this Very question What does a story Mean to you?

A quick meet and greet, before we where let loose to go Snap away!

It's a Jungle out there.

The flora and Fauna in the Cactus room amazed me, such vibrant and beautiful colours.

I balanced out all the flower and plant shoots with some talented human shots, I watched and learned how these guys worked, this is Ed on the right and Jess to the left we shared a few stories and off we toddled.

This is Anna she was sharp as a tack and shared her sweets with a few of us. 🍬🍭.

This is Me, written by a small child.

Singing in the Rain

I love to see what footwear people have on, so why they shared some stories I photographed some Of there feet, if you recognise your feet well done you all have great Taste. Ha!

Creative juices flowing and stories being told.

Our Co2 levels are rising

Save the Bees

Save the World

This is Kay in cool Hat, he was an interesting dude, we had a nice chat, and he was an inspiring character and a great Portrait photographer too.

All shoot on my IPhone

For me a story is to be like you once were, to tell a story like your still a child, with enthusiasm and passion, not to be afraid of the outcome or to be judged, its remembering a time when story telling was fun and is done with a smile on your face, if you can connect to someone through this process and create laughter then maybe that spreads, that's why I love to take photos and maybe every photo is a story waiting to be Told. Thanks you to Steller for the Opportunity to meet some new Photo buddies and look forward to the next meet up. 🇬🇧📷

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  • annamarie

    Hey you! I don't know about other people, but for me, on a few pages I can't see the last line of text? Love this story! "Sharp as a tack" ha! Thank you xx

  • mumhad1ofthose

    Really nicely done

  • Essexrambler

    Thanks guys. ✌🏻️. If you scroll is down you should be able to read the whole text @annamarie or maybe I've messed it up as started doing this at 1am this morning as couldn't sleep.

  • marij56

    Fab story...👊🏽

  • annamarie

    Oooh! That's cool. I didn't know you could scroll on pages. Sorry for being a donut x

  • Essexrambler

    Donuts are sweet. 😉

  • broganinlondon

    Love your story! 😍 and I saw myself in it a couple of times 😁🙌

  • slickastheycome

    @Essexrambler Luke this was truly beautiful words I love your expression of what a story means to you....absolutely connect...being childlike in expression the passion 👌. Was a mutually inspiring connection . Thank you

  • jordanfoy

    The his is so awesome :)

  • Essexrambler

    Thanks so much @slickastheycome Kay, means a lot. Thought we had a great balance of people at the meet and from only meeting a handful felt I made some good buddies, look forward to the next meet or maybe a few of us get together pick a location and go do a mix of shots.

  • Essexrambler

    Cheers @jordanfoy surprised at the folks who have liked the story. So glad I made the effort to come meet you guys, been looking for a platform to express my self and hopefully I can only get better at this creative social media stuff. Let's hope it's the start of many more meet ups and little adventures.


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