Why this man is tanned like that?


Why? >

Because he usually dress like that


Because he is Armando, one member of...

The Scruud is an adventure game you can play for free on your iOS device iPad or iPhone >

"You can fly, jump, shoot and use circus items like the cannon "

Check the tutorial and learn how to play >

Avoid the enemies

You will find some bad enemies like the Moskitos Monkeys your evil nemesis. The Scruud are vegetable friendly, but some plants became carnivorous thanks to a bad experiment made by the Monkeys. You must avoid or shoot them. Pay attention and watch your steps. It's really dangerous. >

Don't leave Armando and his brothers without costumes and circus tent. They need our help !!Don't forget to eat at least 3 times a day vegetables and fruits!! >

DOWNLOAD THE FIRST GAME RELEASE HERE: https://appsto.re/it/Huzq7.i If you like rate, leave a comment or write a reviews so we can improve the Scruud universe. The carrot power is with you. Use it.

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