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I’m easing myself back in to this project after a little break with this simple make which creates a really lovely & useful item for your home – a wooden bead trivet. What I love about it most (apart from the fact that it’s so easy!) is that it has more than one use – as well as looking pretty combined, each set can also be used individually as trivet, coaster & egg cup.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be beautiful, or believe to be useful."

William Morris

You will need: ∘ 39x20mm wooden beads (7 for small, 13 for medium, 19 for large) ∘ natural cord or leather thong ∘ scissors

Thread your beads onto the cord, tie in a tight double knot to secure, & cut cord (not too short, or the knot may unravel).

They look so lovely just hanging. A touch of simple rustic/nordic style – always a bonus in my books!

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