Me: Who took this photo? Dad: Why, I did. You and your brother were asleep in the cab of the truck. I propped the camera on the hood, set the timer, and took the picture. Me: You do realize this is technically a selfie, right? Dad: What the hell is a selfie? (Photo was taken 1976)

Why a Selfie?

Me: Why did you take this photo? Dad: I wanted to see myself in the moment that inspired me to take the photo.

Over the years I've taken selfies which inspired me and wanting to be in that moment.

Like my Oregon Coast Selfie (sepia film, April 1998)

But what inspires a selfie? Often It's the autonomy of a journey. ...Finding one's self.

Just becareful, focusing too much on your selfie and not your footing can get you into trouble. It's a long way down.

Landscapes inspire me. Mood and feel of a Landscape change when you Introduce yourself in the shot, It's like an out of body experience, looking back, seeing yourself in that moment captured in time.

The quiet of the Milky Way inspires me. The dark skies heightening my senses, giving me the feeling I am not alone.

Selfies inspire my adventures, those i've taken, and those i've yet to take.

And remember, when you take that selfie, pay attention, watch that wet rock, don't get so close to that edge,

...and hold still!