a spring medley

macerated strawberries

spring came and went so fast I barely had a chance to inhale the honeysuckle, walk in the rain or listen to the crickets serenade the evening sky.

the farmer's markets are dotting every corner of the city with Spring's harvest. these spring beauties came from the lovely folks at Delvin Farms. strawberries, leafy greens, ramps and 'all the things' are plenty, and you're making plans for pie.

Evening light dances across the ruby red jewels awaiting to be robed in layers of white.

Charles W. Hunter III

macerated fruit is such a simple recipe worthy of being repeated many times when the season of your favorite fruit comes to call. fruit + sugar = perfection

|recipe| Simply cut your fruit of choice into bite size pieces. Give them a gentle toss in a couple of tablespoons of granulated white sugar. allow the fruit to set for about 30 minutes in the fridge gently stirring occasionally. fruit is ready to devour.🍓

I love how the seasons change in Tennessee. A little bit of every season allows you to enjoy many fruits and vegetables that the earth has to offer. Keep you're eyes peeled, because sugared peaches are around the corner.

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