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The name “Tricker” appears when Walter James Barltrop, son of Joseph Barltrop, married Claire Louise Tricker in 1862. At that time they decided to change the name from Barltrop, which was thought to be not as commercial a name as Tricker, but to carry on the same business which the Founder Joseph Barltrop started in 1829.

For 180 years Tricker's shoes have been handmade in Northampton. To set the scene from an historical perspective, that same year saw Robert Peel establish London's first uniformed police force, whilst in America, Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech. Louis Braille invented his system of finger-reading for the blind and Queen Victoria's ascent to the throne was still eight years away. Tricker saw the birth of the modern world, a time for great enlightenment, learning and social reforms. This was the world in which the first retail orders for Tricker's shoes were secured.

Hand lasting

Tricker's has been extremely honoured in receiving the Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, and has been a supplier to his Royal Highness for over twenty years. The company supplied his Royal Highness for five years before being given his Royal Warrant. Mr. Nicholas Barltrop, current Managing Director, is the current grantee of the warrant and Tricker's still continues to provide footwear to his Royal Highness as well as to the Royal Household.

Welt sewing

For discerning ladies and gentlemen who truly appreciate the art of traditional footwear craftsmanship, this is the only way forward. Tricker's can make for you a unique hand lasted and hand stitched pair of shoes which fit like a glove, and are finished to your very own specification. You receive personal attention from a trained specialist throughout the process.

A pair of Tricker's bespoke shoes cost from £1,200 and will usually take around twenty weeks to produce. This includes crafting components, drying time at various stages, a second 'try on' by the client, and over 230 hand processes. Even the thread used to sew in the welt is handmade.

EPSOM Style Number: 9524 From the Jermyn Street Collection

Mr. Scott McKee is a hand laster from Northampton and is one of the bespoke shoemakers at Tricker's. Inspired by his dad, he's been working at Tricker's for over 15 years and his work has led him to invitations to Buckingham Palace.

Tricker's 67 Jermyn Street St James's London SW1Y 6NY ENGLAND +44 (0) 20 7930 6395

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