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I've got so much on my plate that it always feels like there's so much of an effort required to post a story. So me ol China said to me the other day "are you on steller? You should post something. There's a steller meet next week, are you coming?". Erm.... maybe, I said nonchalantly.

So I went to the steller meet today at the Barbican Conservatory, met new friends and took a few portraits. I enjoyed it. It's only fitting that I dedicate my first steller story to him. Thanks for the nudge Neil Andrews 👊🏽

Lucy Hamidzadeh @juicylucyham

Kay @slickastheycome


Esub Miah @esubmiah

Neil Andrews @mumhad1ofthose

Hung Quach @jetandindigo

Elena @Elensham

Christine Adel @christineadel

Jordan Foy @jordanfoy

Michael Angelo Sanchez Met this chap just after the steller meet.

#takepicturesnotdrugs ©uyiosa 2015

  • jordanfoy

    I love this bro, so great to see and can't wait to do the same again very soon, would love for you to send me this shot also :)

  • Uyiosa

    @jordanfoy glad you like it. Sent image to your inbox. ✌🏽

  • LifeWithLeenor

    Really beautiful photography! Love their expressions too!

  • juicylucyham

    Brilliant, I love it. Great to see you yesterday

  • elensham

    Great meeting you yesterday! Thanks for the portrait!😊

  • Uyiosa

    @juicylucyham likewise Lucy ☺️

  • Uyiosa

    @elensham you're welcome. Nice meeting you ☺️

  • miandyue

    Fantastic portraits! Great to see some familiar faces!

  • mumhad1ofthose

    Love this my friend. Thank you so much for the dedication. Great shots. Sorry it's taken me so long!