Rainbow Routes Hike Club

| june 6 2015 |

Rainbow Routes is an organization in Sudbury, Ontario that creates and maintains trails and promotes healthy, active living. Once a month from October to June, they organize a social hike on one of the local trails. June was the Lake Laurentian Loop at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

Parts of the trail are also a part of the Trans Canada Trail

The plan was to do the whole 10km loop around the lake. About a third of the way in, the hike leader stopped at a corner and let us know there was a bear with two cubs. We waited to see if they'd run off, but the cubs went up a tree. A detour was the safest option.

The scenery certainly wasn't a disappointment

Navigating the mucky spots

Even the sky had some interesting sights for us

I was thankful we didn't have to climb down this steep slope.

In the end, we hiked about 8km. The weather was perfect, with a breeze to keep the bugs down. Best of all, I made some new friends.

Thanks for checking out my newest adventure!

  • sarahbelle

    Thanks to everybody who has read and liked and reshared my story! It's such an honour to be featured in the Stellerverse :)