My Little Sister Crochettes Love.

A True Story

There is a very special tradition in my family from both sides which just happened to be coincedence. Its the love of crochet. My little sister (not so little today she is a married young lady) happened to pick up that tradition from my paternal aunt and mother. But instead of going the usual route.. She paved her own way, and with a bit of innovation turned her creations into legitimate art. I'd like you to meet my sister Mariam.

Mariam picked up crochet at a young age and in no time started spreading positive energy.

Crochet macaroons anyone?

She started posting her work and even pointers on instagram and it didn't take long for her to gain a huge following, leading to her being in judging panel in a national knitting contest.

And that progressed into her selling her work in seasonal bazaars that invited her to participate and giving crochet lessons to interested children (pictured in the next page)

Mariam (in the pink top) taking a picture with the knitting contest winners

"Happiness is Handmade"

The Pretty Sheep Shop

One of my sister's nephews in law in Poland getting to know Bunny.

I find myself learning a lot from her. Biggest lesson: the more is definitely merrier. Don't compare yourself to others and just enjoy spreading joy.

Patootie the Owl, a favorite among my little nieces

Kuwaiti TV star Abdullah Boushehri posing with Bunny at the Pretty Sheep Shop.

Happiness is definitley handmade.. The Pretty Sheep Shop.

Thank you :) #steller #stellerverse #art #stellerlove #love #create

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  • ashcroft54

    Very nice story and very inspirational.

  • disabledhiker

    Your sister does beautiful work. I am a knitter and crocheting has always fascinated me too, I just can't get the hang of using only one needle.


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