New Orleans

Mardi Gras


I love a Parade!!!!

They're Coming!!!!

Without music, a party isn't a party!!!

Leader of the Band!!!

In the years following Hurricane Katrina Sandra Bullock donated over $500,000 to Warren Easton High School for which she received the first ever People's Choice Humanitarian Award in 2013... Among other things the money was used to purchase band uniforms and instruments!!! Thanks Sandy!!!! Warren Easton High School marching band...

Here!!! Throw me something!!! Hey Mister!!! Here!!!!

Laissez les bons temps Rouler!!!

(Let the Good Times Roll)

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  • B__xy


  • iluvnola2

    Throw me something Mista!!!!! Thank you @bernard_xy !!

  • penny4words

    Amazingly captured!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • dylonyork

    Love the movement in some of those shots! And the one with all the hands. 👏🏼

  • iluvnola2

    @cmbjourn Thank you Christina!!! It can be difficult to capture Mardi Gras when you are down in the thick of the chaos... I was atop a 12ft ladder which I used to perch my camera on... It helped!!!

  • iluvnola2

    @dylonyork Thank you Dylon!! I was atop a 12ft ladder which I used to perch my camera on... It helped!!! I'm glad you liked the "movement"... and the hands!! It's one of my favorites as well! Thanks again!!

  • penny4words

    You are certainly gifted how to bring life to your pictures! The rhythm of chaos and the grandeur of it all. Ladder or not! Hahaha @iluvnola2

  • iluvnola2

    @cmbjourn What a kind thing to say!! Thank you !! You made my day!

  • penny4words

    There is so much clarity in every photo composition. Emotions run high and low. There is not one picture that I question its integrity. Keep it up! @iluvnola2 need i say more and more?? Hahaha your pictures are ao deserving and so are you!😊😊

  • iluvnola2

    @cmbjourn Now you are my new best friend... 😊😊😊 thank you so much Christina!!!

  • penny4words

    Besties we are then @iluvnola2! 😀😀😀 thanks!