An animation built brick by brick, frame by frame


At Picturesmith we really, really, really like LEGO

We've made snowflakes…


…and a ping pong bat.

Because we've been able to reuse our Lego again and again, it made sense to recycle our box of bricks into an animation for World Environment Day (WED).

We started with the process of ideation. (It's a word look it up 😉)

We then wrote the script,

which we roped our friend Jordan Long into recording for us.

It was important to have a detailed storyboard to guide us through the animation. With all the elements in place we were ready to start shooting.

A single frame could take anything from 5 minutes to an hour to build.

And with over 400 frames,

we put in a total of 50 LEGO animation hours.

Over one million bricks were used. At least it felt like that, we didn't actually count them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Watch the full video and to see more of our work at: And join us on Instagram

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