An editorial project aimed at printing a book with the work of outstanding photographers who capture and edit their pictures on smartphones. Here you can get a little preview of the 250 pictures of the book.

Sébastian Pélegrin @seb_gordon

Sébastian works in magazines as Art Director. He started taking photographs with a small digital camera ten years ago. Four years ago, after downloading Instagram, he started shooting whit his iPhone and captures monuments as well the people on the streets. His secret wish would be to have on day a smartphone with a similar quality of a Leica.

Fabs Grassi @fabsgrassi

Fabs lives and works in Sao Paolo, the biggest city in South America. He is fashion designer and works in the creation and coordination of jeanwear collections. As a university student he studied analog photography and, after a long pause, he turns back to his passion in May 2011 along with his iPhone, photographying street. He currently makes "portrait photography" with a very particular style.

Luis Rodríguez @luison

Luis is a Spanish architect hooked to mobile photography since he bought his first iPhone in 2010 and Instagram showed up. His work focuses on street photography: the city and its scenes, observed directly or indirectly through reflected images. He has held serveral individal and collective exhibitions, as well as conferences at congresses and festivals. His photographs have won awards in national and international competitions.

Naomi Meran @naomimeran

Naomi is a mother of an eight years old girl and works ad a digital consultant. She loves the photography of landscapes and nature. She captures the moddos through the fog, the dim lights and sometimes introduces her daughter's silhouette. Naomi captures only with her iPhone and edits her pictures with apps like VSCO cam, Litely and Mextures, adding a little magic of Instagram at the end of the process.

Marco Lamberto @polylm

Marco is an information technology professional who started to use Instagram at the beginning of 2011. He photographs what he loves and he loves what he photographs. Thank to Instagram he discovers his passion for street photography and rediscovers his origin on black and white on 6x6 film. Every day is a story, a jurney, part of an ongoing project which he loves to share online.

Christina Nørdam Andersen @cirkeline

Taking and editing photos aroused the curiosity in Christina and opened her eyes to the beauty around us, no matter how discreet is. It has been said that she's not a typical "street photographer", but she rather achieves to subtly transmit states of moods. Her imagery is subtle and moving, with a strong affinity to black and white as a means of expression.

Niall O'Leary @nialloleary

Niall is a photographer based in London. He loves to capture perspectives and lines. He studied photography and worked as photographer assistant. Nowdays he is Art Director nd CEO of Bank of Contemporary Photographic ad Millenium Images. His photographs are published in books and magazines, both covers and interiors, and he has been awarded with several prizes in international competitions. He regularly participates as a juror in photographic competitions.

Thomas Kakareko @thomas_k

Thomas loves the images in black and white, like a true street photographer. He began photographing in October 2010, shortly after Instagram was launched in the Apple Store. Sinche then he has become one of the most followed photographers and is very well known inside and outside Germany. His snapshots have been shown in several exhibitions worldwide and published in newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Thank you for supporting the project. http://ulule.com/artmobile_book

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  • polylm

    @heyfeelix thank you Pedro, if you have an Instagram account you could leave a message for getting published. We have reserved 64 extra slots for a selection of mobile photographers who have supported the project. 😉

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    @heyfeelix have you left a message on Ulule? The link it's on the last page of the story, you have to support the project. If you don't no worries.😉👋

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    Nice. What are the editorial criteria for the selection of the artists/images? Is this going to be a printed project or digital? Cheers

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    @jeffamaphone thank you, this is just a preview. The final book will be printed only for the reserved copies. There are 20 minutes left for supporting the project. Since we've reached the goal of 200 copies I could ask if is possible to print few more.

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    Fantastic work, Marco! Thanks for sharing!

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    @lauratraldi thanks Laura, credo si possa passare all'italiano.😉 Il progetto è un libro cartaceo (con quello che comporta per farlo e spedirlo), l'obiettivo era stampare le copie prenotate (200 almeno) e stampare solo quelle, pezzi unici. È forse un po' controtendenza ma neanche tanto per il contesto della fotografia dove ancora si stampa perchè è ancora uno dei modi migliori per fruirla.

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    @cindyjfort thank you so much!! That's exactly what we where hoping for, inspiring people! The camera you use is just a tool, every tool has its pros and cons. You could make beautiful pictures if you know photography, its language and your camera. Not every camera is capable of capturing the same image (I'm not referring to image quality btw), some are good for sports other for street, you could tweak them, pushing to the limit. Humans can adapt themselves and being creative is our blessing.😉🙏

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