New Orleans

Abandoned Six Flags

On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck The Gulf Coast, submerging lives and properties beneath flood waters some feared would never recede. Like most of the city, Six Flags theme park in New Orleans was inundated with water. Corrosive saltwater from the Gulf mixed with rainwater and tidal surge remained stagnant in the area for several weeks and destroyed 80% of the park equipment and rides.

The sign still reads, "Closed for storm".

Judged too expensive to restore by the Six Flags corporation, the defunct park fell into total disrepair.

After years of wrangling over who would clean up the mess, a Delaware court presiding over the Six Flags bankruptcy, agreed to allow them to terminate their lease with the city.

In 2009, much hope was placed on a deal to redevelop the park with Nickelodeon, but that proposal fell apart when financing did not materialize.

Since 2011, filmmakers have used the site for filming purposes... Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes have shot some material on the grounds, and studios have even been in talks with the city of New Orleans to lease out the land for future productions. Films like Jurassic World have a great location to film scenes of devastation and desolation, and the local economy is rewarded with an opportunity to make money off of a unique landscape.

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  • JoeCarter25

    Wow. Incredible shots.

  • tcampbell210

    Awesome collection!

  • B__xy

    Scary! Great one - congrats!

  • iluvnola2

    @JoeCarter25 Thanks so much Joe!!! Very surreal and post apocalyptic as you walk through the park.

  • iluvnola2

    @tcampbell210 Thank you Theresa!! I've gone in many times!! It's always so surreal!!!

  • iluvnola2

    @bernard_xy Thank you!! It is kinda scary in the park!! It's so silent and everything creaks... Very surreal!!

  • jmapergis

    Simply beautiful urbex work!

  • iluvnola2

    @jmapergis Thank you Jana!! So kind of you to say!

  • BretPemelton

    So cool. I'd love to get down there and take some portraits.

  • iluvnola2

    Oh Bret... You shooting portraits here would be amazing!! I'm taking a friend in tomorrow... What's keeping you away? Aren't you in Tennessee? Road trip??? @BretPemelton

  • photodiva

    Amazing images. Well done @iluvnola2 .

  • iluvnola2

    @photodiva Thank you so much Nancy! I've had the opportunity to go in and shoot a few times since I live here in New Orleans. Every time I go in it is so surreal. It looks post apocalyptic!

  • iluvnola2

    @BretPemelton They are filming a movie there right now so there's lots of security in the park because of the movie sets. UGH

  • darlenegarcia74

    this is so cool and creepy lol

  • maijajp

    Stunning Urbex work! New Orleans is on my list simply to visit since I've not been there since I was a university student on a Mardi Gras "bender" - I have often wondered about the neglect since Katrina and the lost "space" that has stories to tell.

  • iluvnola2

    There are still plenty of lost space filled with stories waiting to be told. Thanks so much for the kind remarks. You should visit again just to take in the culture and spirit of New Orleans. (Not on a MG bender) lol. There's so much to see and do. Did I mention the music?? Cheers!! @maijajp


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