In Sicily (Italy) there are two of the most important active volcanoes in the world: Etna & Stromboli Different in history and characteristics they share a special feature: they transmit and give off an incredible strength to those who visit them due to their unique charm, the history and the stories associated with them.

Towards the end of May with Simone Bramante (@brahmino) and Dan Rubin (@danrubin) we left for four days to climb, discover and tell these two volcanoes with the support of Pecora Verde (@pecoraverde), an Italian independent startup that organizes excursions #outofthecrowd. www.pecoraverde.com/

Etna is called "a muntagna" (the mount) and it's a big mother With more than 300 craters (not all active, of course) is the highest active volcano in Europe. It's 3.350 mt high over the sea level. You can see (and feel the presence) of "her" from every part of the city of Catania and from many part the eastern Sicily.




Where the lava flow take a rest for century and century


In Stromboli everything looks so out of the time, out of the space, full of good vibrations. During the winter only 400 people live in the island.

Strombolicchio (little Stromboli) is the old father of the Stromboli island. It was born around 200.000 years ago and what we can see now it is only the central part of the volcano that is called "NECK" (volcanic plug). So staying between Stromboli and Strombolicchio, floating on a small boat you can feel yourself, just for a second, part of this family, with an old-little father that every day, centuries after centuries, see his young-big son growing up eruption by eruption.


Stromboli is 926 m over the sea level and its eruptions are well known as "Strombolian eruptions". These eruptions consist of ejection of incandescent cinder, lapilli and lava bombs.

The weater were changing, but we were ready to climb


After more than 2h and 30 minutes of climbing under wind, clouds, a little bit of rain we arrived at the top and we waited. Waited for this.


I had the chance to explore Etna and Stromboli with @brahmino and @danrubin, two explorers, photographers and storytellers with rare human qualities.

Link: #TwoVolcanos: http://www.pecoraverde.com/en/two-volcanos-tour-etna-stromboli Our words: http://www.pecoraverde.com/blog/106/twovolcanos-etna-e-stromboli-through-the-eyes-of-dan-rubin-brahmino-and-rocco-rossitto


Look at the bright side of Italy through real stories β€’ Made w/ love by a beautiful human collective.

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I designed this project pushed by the love for my island and I left at the top of the #TwoVolcanos the fair to reach my limits

It was a funny and extreme travel. So thanks again to @pecoraverde to let it possibile. β€’ #TwoVolcanos #StellerMoments β€’ Twitter & Instagram: @roccorossitto www.roccorossitto.it