Lindeman Lake

| Chilliwack, BC |

I had been staring at pictures of Lindeman lake for close to a year. The blue-green water was calling my name. On May 24, 2015 I decided it was time say " hello", so my sister and I jumped in the car and hit the road.

We arrived around 10am and the parking lot was empty. Low lying fog engulfed everything in sight. We headed out of the parking lot and began our ascent. Fog was waiting for us.

My sister taking a moment to appreciate the forest

Old Growth

The path to the top was shrouded in fog. It mixed and mingled with the trees clinging to the branches like a long lost friend.

Once we arrived at the lake we were greeted with a stunning sight. 4 of my favourite things; water, fog, trees and mountains. This place is heaven on earth.

We had to transverse many bolder fields to get to the end of the lake

Greendrop Lake

We decided to go where our feet took us, and they lead us to Greendrop Lake approx 5km past Lindeman Lake. You can see how it got it's name

New life dotted the landscape.

As the sun began to set we knew it was time to go home.

Until we meet again

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