Outings Project

When #art hits the #street. Go #creative

I came across the @OutingsProject on #instagram and fell in #love with it immediately. This global #street #art project is basically an open air #museum created by whoever wants to turn the #city walls into something special.

It works like this: * take a photo of your favourite painting * print it * stick it on a wall * take a picture * send it to outings-project.org

It's #fun for people to look at art outside museum. It makes them feel good.

The inventor of @OutingsProject is #French visual artist and film maker Julien de Casablanca. «We don’t want to tell you something that you don’t know», he says, «and we don’t want people to feel ignorant. You have just to feel that the artwork is ancient and shifted, you have just to be touched by the emotion, by the esthetic, by the art».

Some of the works by Julian de Casablanca.

Julien's first Outings Project happened after he went to the #Louvre and saw a sad lady in an unremarkable painting. «I saw a young woman in an abandoned painting in the corner, she was bored», he said to Slate magazine, «I had a ‘Prince Charming’ impulse: I wanted to free her from the castle to give her a second life». And that's what I really love of this guerrilla project: it is mostly about the forgotten art rather than the blockbusters.

Photos were taken in Bastia (Corsica), Padova (Italy), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), St Dié des Vosges (France), Acuncion (Paraguay), Dijon (France). www.outings-project.org

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