| Fast5 |

| 1 piece of equipment | | 5 exercises | | 20 minute workout |

Workout rules: 1. Do every exercise 5 times through in the order presented. 2. Use appropriate weight for you. Challenge yourself within reason. 3. No rest in between exercises. Rest after the series is done. 4. Have fun. 5. If you don't have fun working out, do it anyways. It's good for you.

Side lunge 8reps each side

•Chest up and core tight •Step out, hing at waist, bend knee •Push through ball of your foot all the way back to standing

Skater jump 4reps each side

•Chest up and core tight •Drive through the ball of your foot •Jump laterally and land balanced on the other foot

Shoulder press 8reps

•Chest up and core tight •Drive straight up and externally rotate •Finish with your arms inline with your ears

Bicep curl 10reps

•Chest up and core tight •Curl up and externally rotate •Minimize rocking

Floor or ball crunch 10reps

•Low back neutral •Squeeze butt to keep it up •Crunch up and pause for a sec •Don't rock the ball

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