'Chasing Light'


Strikingly Beautiful

ViV-iD 1. Perceived as bright and distinct; brilliant: a ViViD star. 2.a. Having intensely bright colors: a ViViD tapestry. b. Having a very high degree of saturation: a ViViD purple. 3. Presented in clear and striking manner: a ViViD account of the incident. 4. Perceived or felt with the freshness of immediate experience: a ViViD recollection of their childhood. 5. Active in forming lifelike images: a ViViD imagination.

Light man stop clowning around... Photo Credit @leftofthemiddle

Go crazy once we are on luna ground.!

Moonlit night shimmering colours so bright........

Sails of splendour such a ViViD sight!

Your opulence of colour is no surprise.........

Light trails that dance before my eyes.!

Visually stunning at every turn......

Your harbour lights is what we yearn!

Palm trees of gold and starburst nights........

ViViD Sydney you are an EPiC DeLiGHT!

"ViViDlicious IG Ladies really do know how to Shine bright like a Crazy Diamond💎

@leftofthemiddle @chrissycck @anna_laurie

Thankyou for joining me on my ViViD journey 'Chasing Light' @creativecck 💜 #stellerstories | #stellerverse #stellerplaces | #seewhatisee Please feel free to check out my Instagram @chrissycck

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