Sunflowers & Sunshine


✨ Hello hello! Welcome to my first Steller Story. I've popped over from Instagram to check out what this new (well new to me) platform is all about. For those of you who know me from IG I post mostly sunshine/colours/landscapes, but I also love to photograph so much more! Enjoy 🌿 .: Melissa @leftofthemiddle :.

.: My love for natural light & kids just being kids inspires me! So our first job was to wildcraft a flower crown :. 🌿

.: Flowers, nature & fun provide me with endless natural beauty to photograph :. 🌼

.: And through my lens I depict the beauty within, gorgeousness with a twist of creativity :. πŸŒ€

.: Thanks so much for stopping by:. 🌿 You can also find me on: Instagram: & Facebook: