Texas Floods

Just returned from documenting the floods in Texas. Everyone I met was extremely strong, positive, and inspirational. It's amazing to witness people helping people. . Take in a few photos and words and count your blessings. People are Good.

"They are just things."

" I'm so thankful for all the volunteers. I have everything I need."

"We lost everything but we still have each other."

"The water came over my ranch. I ran into the field to find higher ground. I had to use the lighting bolts as a light source to see where I was going. Found a tree and climbed up in it. "

"Cut a hole in my attic and moved my family up on the roof. We are lucky to be here."

"We couldn't get to our house and the water reached the second floor. Our two Labs survived the night upstairs on our bed. The next day when we let them outside we soon realized that they held their pee and poop in for the entire night. They are good boys."

"Yup, this is where my house used to be. Thanks for stopping by, its good to see people. I will be okay. Trust me I got this."

My thoughts are with you Texas. Stay strong.

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  • jaywilder

    Thank you, Joe for sharing this. My heart is with Texas too.

  • babebo

    Well done sir....well done

  • tbyrnes

    Wow @JoeCarter25 so crazy. Thanks for sharing this, people are good. 👌

  • ghostedout

    Great philosophy from Texans. They seem sure they'll bounce back stronger. It's great to see Steller being used for documentary work too.

  • sunnyinpdx

    Really touching. Thanks for sharing this story!

  • shemispheres

    Thanks for sharing this Joe. Great job.

  • EmmaJayne

    Touching x

  • shannoga

    It is always the same. Every body tries to convince us that people today are mostly bad. It is sad to see how again and again we need disasters to prove that there are so many good people all over the world. It is so inspiring to see people smile even after they have lost everything reminding us of what is really important.

  • 77slade

    An important reminder to take nothing for granted and to be grateful everyday. Humanity is good. Beautiful captures, Joe. Thanks for sharing.

  • fabiosabbatini

    Great story Joe! 👍

  • verdderfan

    Thank God more lives weren't lost , thanks for sharing &. bringing attention to your personal tragedy 😓, God bless you

  • crankstrap

    powerful -- thanks.

  • josypete

    really awesome work, Joe! powerful to see!

  • aschbacher

    Really well done. Very well thought out. Thanks for your contribution.

  • ali__dover

    Strong and powerful depiction

  • iskrafineart

    Very fine. Elegant restraint and humanity in the way you tell this story.

  • iluvnola2

    Powerful work in Texas. I am a Katrina survivor so their words truly resonate in me.


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