Exploring new cities with a great friend.


For my 21st birthday back in March I was given 5 surprises. 1- flights to Sydney. 2- accommodation in Sydney 3- I was going to be able to experience vivid. 4- a lights cruise to see vivid from a different vantage point. And 5- I was going with someone. But who?

All day I still didn't know who I was going with. After work my family and a few friends went out for dinner to celebrate. One special friend gave me her gift. It was a pandora charm of the opera house. I screamed with excitement not just because I love pandora charms but because at this moment I knew she would be joining me

Oh look it's the harbour bridge.


"We've been everywhere man!" Over the weekend we did 48,000 steps.

Jade and Karlene.


We had five hours sleep and were up and at it again searching for the perfect spot to capture the sunrise. ☀️🌅☀️

Fail shot!! But it makes me laugh every time I see it. 😄

Nailed it. 👍🏼

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