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Later this spring I was asked to illustrate a part of a Kickstarter project by ZAZA Bottles. Zaza's aim is to make tap water the No.1 choice among beverages and so help reduce global plastic polution. That's why they designed ZAZA Bottle. ZAZA Bottles are the only plant-based and customizable water bottles out there.

80% of people can't tell the difference between tap water and bottled waters and 3 out of 4 participants in ZAZA's research gave tap water an equal or better grade for taste.

Why pollute the environment when there's a better alternative?

Bottled beverages - especially bottled water - are the most obvious example of unnecessary consumption, of manufactured demand.

ZAZA Planet A company with a clear promise: half of its profit will go into the construction of public drinking fountains. Because ZAZA Planet is a place where tap water is not only appealing and convenient, but also accessible.

ZAZA Planet knew that tap water tastes good, it's good for your health, it's cheaper, and more eco-friendly. How could it become more appealing, fashionable and fun, too?

That's why ZAZA's introducing the world's first customizable water bottle.

And my pleasure to design one of the customizable clips 🌺

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