Coffs Coast

Family fun

We travel mostly in our own country because I believe that no where On Earth does it better then Australia! Thirst for travel has always been with me and this is what I hope to instil in my boys! Our recent trip took us back to Arrawarra. One of our most treasured parts of the East Coast. Only a short 5 hour drive from home its the perfect family getaway💙

You can imagine our excitement on arrival and seeing that this was our backyard😜Perfect Surfing Destination🏄

Surfing bliss

I don't even think the boys unpacked! For the next 10 days it was surfing out the backdoor everyday 3 times a day🏄

My zoom lens sure copped a workout😝The Surf was EPiC💦

The walking trails were some of the best I have seen. I walked from headland to headland for hours on end nearly every single day! The coastline along the coffs coast would have to be some of the most preserved unspoilt region that I have seen along the East Coast. It truly was spectacular👌

Arrawarra and surrounds is a natural wonder at every turn😍

Its a nature lovers paradise💙

Headland boardwalks meandering through lush nature reserves🌿🌾

And did I mention...

The locals love their tractors here! It's what gives this place so much appeal, unspoilt uncrowded, and beautiful 😍

Be sure to Visit Dorrigo Coffs Hinterland

Have you ever wondered what heaven on earth may look like? Take a drive along waterfall way to Dorrigo and there you will find it😇

Its a jungle out there

I felt like I was apart of Jurassic Park! I can see why it is world heritage listed🌴🍃🌾🌿

And all the "Serene Scenes"

At every turn there was a photographic moment💛The sun glistened, the swell kept giving and Arrawarra shone like a beautiful Diamond💎

True Coastal love

Make sure to put it on your Bucket List😍We are totally in awe and in love with this part of the world.

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