| the wild |

My canine partner in adventure and mischief is part dog, and part... Well, a little something wild. With eyes like a yellow crescent moon and moves like a ballerina, she is nothing short of fun to photograph on our many wilderness escapes.

She's good about reminding me to chill and take it all in. We won't get this moment back.

She is patient and willing to let me record an unforgettable scene, and her presence completed my photographs.

Girl knows the value of relaxing cozy, however. Clearly.

I wonder if she knows what I am thinking even before I think it.

Graceful as she is, she's never above a good laugh.

To think she was once so small, and scared when I met her at the shelter I volunteer with.

Now, she stands tall and happy. She's huge. Just like the space she occupies in my heart.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, it's always better when we are together.

My Willow the Wild, I am forever in your debt for all the light you have brought into my life.

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