Read Between The Lines

The beauty in these lines The beauty that lie between these lines We often lack the patience required to enjoy this beauty As we are so caught up in the cover of this book The book of the soul The one which is embodied on our faces as we come of age The one where each wrinkled line forms a richly textured page

A page that tells a delicate tale, Tales that precede our years Ones which hold many gems from years beyond us, Yet many get caught up in the blank hardback cover And overlook it as uninteresting

Read between these lines


Therein lies stories

I, like many was never much of a reader Especially books that had many a year on me I would glance at the outer artwork And would rarely look closer To turn over the pages And read between the lines These delicately drawn lines These lines etched in by life experiences Written across the outer shell Yearning to be read But often I just skimmed through And gently placed aside

Not until I woke up on this born day morning Drying my self after the showers of love and gifts And I stare in the mirror That I notice the first line A line filled in with words of love Just across my slowly forming book of life The author of my fate had begun Writing this delicate story The one that hopefully would be told Told to those who take the time To those who take the interest To those who pick up this book of my soul And care to read between these coloured lines The ones that would soon fill up with stories Stories of amazing experiences Stories of love and pain Stories of triumphs and failures Stories of laughter and tears

Although black don't crack they say So my pages seemingly will be few and far between But I look forward to the chapters that lay ahead As I begin this journey on a new page Basking in the ambience of the things I love Handing the pen to many a pure soul To inscribe their marks on my pages Leaving much for me to remember them by

So one day you can read these stories too If you care to look much closer And get past the outer cover There lies delicate stories between these lines... Happy reading :)

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  • leonaguila

    I enjoyed the words—those lines!—of introspection as much as the photos that depicted your emotions and ideas.

  • slickastheycome

    Thank you @leonaguila I am really glad you did enjoy both the words and the photos equally.

  • mombo

    Very cool .... Thnx

  • Pastels



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