You will remember

"I was struck in the eyes. It burned and all I could think of was how wild everything was."

As we arrived late in the night, our imaginations were running wild about Iceland. Only the morning proved our imaginations were no match for the reality.

The sun began to creep over the horizon unleashing gorgeous warmth and bringing the world to life.

With this warmth came wind and with wind came lashings of sand thrown from the shoreline. Sand struck my eyes, and as I stood there blind I only thought about this stunning land and how wild it really is.

As we took shelter amongst the glaciers, we could feel the caves breathe. Cold but beautiful.

Glacier imitating the ocean

The only thing I've ever experienced that felt colder than ice was the water in the Silfra during January. Free diving here in 1 degree Celsius water left my lips numb and my fingers stinging with pain. And I would trade none of that experience for anything else in the world.

George Karbus and I hiking with our fstop gear and free dive equipment to the Silfra

β€œThe bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot."

Michael Althsuler

In the winter the sun does not rise very high so the light is amazing most of the day and the sunsets are extremely long, like time is moving slower.

One of the best camps I've ever had, from the location to the silence. Just me and my @Heimplanet. (And @andy_best)

The island in winter has long sunsets but only because the sun thrives under the horizon feeding the Southern Hemisphere with all its UV love. Meaning we are blessed with this....

Streak after gorgeous streak lit up our last night in Iceland. Slow and smooth strokes painted the sky with green and violet. Illuminating the once dark world.

And as I walked alone. Running through my thoughts I could remember the sand, the burning and the wildness of this place, yet only to be shadowed by the gentle and whispered beauty of its serenity.

This is why I travel, this is why I remember.


Thank you for hanging on and listening to my story I love sharing my adventures with you, and hope it inspires at least a few of you to do the same!

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